Jecod/Jebao STU55 Stainless Steel 55W UV Sterilizer Up to 25,000 L Pond Clarifier

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Brand: Jecod


  • Stainless steel body for increased efficiency. Up to 35% more efficient than plastic equivalents because of the reflective properties of the stainless steel body.
  • A chemical free solution for the effective long term control of green water.
  • Suitable for marine or freshwater environments up to 25,000L.
  • 55w UV bulb supplied. Comes with 5m outdoor grade cable and NO PLUG.
  • 698mm long x 76mm diameter with stepped inlet and outlet adapters

Publisher: Jecod

Details: UV clarifiers are an important part in the fight to maintain a clear pond. They work because when algae are exposed to UV light they form in to clumps which can then be removed by your pond filter. By design, this clarifier provides extended UV exposure time because the water is forced to spiral through the unit rather than just pass quickly straight through it so you get optimum efficiency combined with ease of use and installation. These clarifiers come in several sizes and the size you need will depend on many things including the size and depth of your pool, whether it is in shade or full sunlight and how many fish are in the water. We suggest that if your pond is shallower than 75cm, is situated in full sunlight or contains fish then a larger size unit than specified is recommended. The shiny nature of the stainless steel body increases efficiency of the clarifier over standard plastic models by reflecting the light back in to the water. JECOD is the new brand name being used by the established company JEBAO. It stands for Jebao ECOlogical Design.