VYAIR 10" Koi Carp, Tropical Fish, Garden Pond 3-Stage Dechlorinator & Aquarium Water Purifier

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Brand: VYAIR


  • 3 stage 10" filter secured to strong powder coated steel holder comes complete with: set of 3 brand new sealed filters, filter housing spanner, fitted 1/2" BSP thread fittings, clunk-click fitting hose connections (compatible with Hozelock style fittings).
  • High level filtration reduces / removes: chlorine, taste, odour, rust particles, iron (insoluble), sediment
  • Filtration features include: stage 1 - 10" spun polyester (PP) 5 micron sediment filter, stage 2 - 10" granular activated carbon filter, stage 3 - 10" block carbon 10 micron filtration
  • Also removes / reduces man-made and naturally occurring TTHM's & carbon based VOC's including Alachlor, atrazine, benzene, carbofuran, carbon tetrachloride, chlorobenzene, 2,4-D, dibromochloropropane (DBCP), O, P-dechlorobenzines.
  • Additional contaminant reduction and / or removal includes forms of dichloroethylens, 1, 2-dechloropropane, cis-1,3-dichloropropylene, toxaphene, chlordane, radon, lindane, simazine, PCB's, toluene, xylenes.

Publisher: VYAIR



This unit is delivered with quality 'clunk-click' male hose fittings, considerably more reliable than the cheaper barbed hose fittings that need securing with metal clips as supplied by many other sellers. We keep fish and we use these on our own koi carp pond as our main water filtration to REMOVE CHLORINE & DISSOLVED ORGANICS.

Activated carbon surface properties are both hydrophobic and oleophilic; that is, they 'hate' water but 'love' oil. When flow conditions are suitable, dissolved chemicals in water flowing over the carbon surface stick to the carbon in a thin film while the water passes on. This process is called adsorption. As a result of the adsorption process, activated carbon is an effective method in removing chlorine and its by-products (TTHMs) and volatile organic compounds (carbon based VOCs). Our fish are important to us and we only use the best.

VYAIR Amazon offers quality equipment at affordable prices. Vyair water filtration systems are sold throughout the UK fish and aquatic trade and our reputation is second-to-none.

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