Yamitsu 110mm Large Sump Bottom Drain 4"

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Brand: Kockney Koi


  • A must for gravity fed filter systems
  • For use with 110mm Solvent Weld pipework
  • Removes pond and fish waste
  • Helps keep your pond clean

Publisher: Kockney Koi

Details: The Kockney Koi Large Sump Bottom Drains are designed for installation at the lowest point within the pond. Bottom Drains provide a professional and efficient way to supply water from your pond direct to a gravity fed filter such as a Bay Filter, Nexus or Drum Filter system.
Ideally suited for draining heaver particles to waste or filter systems. The installation of a Bottom Drain will help reduce any build up of waste or debris on the base of your pond, keeping it and the inhabitants in the best possible condition.

EAN: 5031589010086